Update: The Chicken Whisperer

Since January I’ve been raising chickens, it seems easy enough. But problems tend to show up when you’re in the middle. There has been a lot of progress on my chicken farming ever since I started. There are also problems that appeared during that period.


There’s definitely a lot of progress lately.
  • The chickens grown accustomed to my time– On 8 am in the morning you can see them flocking over the entrance waiting for me to open it. And on 5:30 in the afternoon they go inside the cage without me trying to catch them. They know when to go out and in.
  • They are familiar with humans– They come closer whenever they hear the inviting rattle of crushed corn in the container; so I never had any trouble trying to get them in the cage.
  • The hen is laying eggs– One day, when I was feeding the chicks, I saw a round, pale brown object, by the corner. I went closer and discovered that it was an egg! It’s the biggest progress so far.
It’s been good for me. But I can’t deny that I experienced a few problems.

Struggle and Problems

Amid all the good news, there are always bad ones:
  • 2 chicks got eaten by the cat– It was a big loss, for a beginner. But it was under the supervision of my cousin that caused the death of the 2 chicks.
  • The chickens ruin the crops– I did not expect chickens to be this destructive. But it was because of their instinct to bathe in dirt that drove their urge to dig; destroyedmy “pechay” in doing so. The fence did not stop them however. FYI: Chickens can fly
  • Keeping the hen in– Because of the freedom I give them, I’m having a hard time keeping the hen inside.


With new struggles and new progress, there were also new tips I learned.
  • First– My aunt said that I should keep my hen inside to avoid it from laying her eggs somewhere we don’t know. It also provides protection from the cat.
  • Second– My aunt advised me to use hay or straw for nesting material. She also advised me to put the nesting material inside a cardboard box. This materials give a suitable environment to lay eggs, mainly because it’s warm and dry. Getting the eggs wet or damp will cause it to rot.
  • Third– My dad informed me not to touch the egg because the hen will refuse to incubate it. Because touching or handling the egg wipes out the chemical that mothers need to smell to know that it’s their egg. This is not scientifical fact but it is mere supposition or speculation.
  • Lastly– Our neighbor recommended that I should add soft earth, so that they don’t dig and bathe near my crops. Chickens need to bathe in dirt because it removes extra oil from their skin. It also prevents lice and mites from living in their feathers or plumage.
It is vital to consider these tips when you start your own chicken farm. Now, if you excuse me, it’s already 5:30. My chickens are waiting.

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