In 7 years, I’ve experienced a lot of good and bad things in homeschooling. Yet, I can call my life exciting and full of adventures. Not a day passed without learning. My mom always philosophically says that homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is our daily way of living, not just some form of education. However, […]

RED is the new BLUE

Mars is often depicted as a planet inhabited by little green men. In some a man with the name of John Carter. Another with a stranded astronaut that looks like Jason Bourne. Or in some cases tall, brown aliens in need of moms. Though fiction, humans dreamed of colonizing Mars someday. NASA hopes to succeed […]

UPDATE: What You Reap is What You Sow

Progress There hasn’t been anything new but steady progress Chilis are continuously producing fruit (chilis). Sweet potatoes tops are creeping along the ground and are in good condition. Eggplants are growing eggplants. Okras are big enough to be collected for seeds. The taro (Filipino: gabi) have recovered from wilting. Problems 1. “Pechay” failed The second […]

UPDATE: The Chicken Whisperer

Progress¬† In my previous update, my hen laid an egg. I expected her to lay another egg. But it wasn’t till a week when she laid another egg. I was ecstatic by then, but I didn’t touch it this time, self control. I wouldn’t want to repeat the same incident. Then a week later, the […]

Update: The Chicken Whisperer

Since January I’ve been raising chickens, it seems easy enough. But problems tend to show up when you’re in the middle. There has been a lot of progress on my chicken farming ever since I started. There are also problems that appeared during that period. Progress There’s definitely a lot of progress lately. The chickens […]

UPDATE: What You Reap is What You Sow

The main purpose I started planting is that because I think of it as a necessity for survival. It is a primitive skill, though only certain people are assigned to do it, it is a basic skill that everybody needs to know. After 3 months of planting, I have had progress and I have encountered […]