Amidst the 21st century, on January 21, this year and the last, an estimated 5 million women worldwide marched for the cause of woman rights. They’re bringing back a movement from the 1800’s: the feminist movement. Feminism is an ideology that women are equal to men. Their goal is to establish women’s rights, like the […]


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It means that people perceive beauty differently. Despite the positive message of beauty, the message was flipped last month. Marlou Arizala or as he is known now as Xander Ford, has gained widespread fame the past month because of his surgery. It was a critical decision that […]

State of the Nation Address 2017

  On July 24, President Duterte had his 2nd SONA in Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City. A SONA, or State of the Nation Address, is an annual speech delivered by the President. It is to keep his citizens updated of the status of his projects and also to make new promises and commitments he […]


In 7 years, I’ve experienced a lot of good and bad things in homeschooling. Yet, I can call my life exciting and full of adventures. Not a day passed without learning. My mom always philosophically says that homeschooling is a lifestyle. It is our daily way of living, not just some form of education. However, […]

RED is the new BLUE

Mars is often depicted as a planet inhabited by little green men. In some a man with the name of John Carter. Another with a stranded astronaut that looks like Jason Bourne. Or in some cases tall, brown aliens in need of moms. Though fiction, humans dreamed of colonizing Mars someday. NASA hopes to succeed […]

UPDATE: What You Reap is What You Sow

Progress There hasn’t been anything new but steady progress Chilis are continuously producing fruit (chilis). Sweet potatoes tops are creeping along the ground and are in good condition. Eggplants are growing eggplants. Okras are big enough to be collected for seeds. The taro (Filipino: gabi) have recovered from wilting. Problems 1. “Pechay” failed The second […]